In this page, we try to answer your most frequent questions. We apologize to the authors of these questions for “summarizing” their remarks.

Inside or outside the European Union?

Question: “The examples on your website are more about missions outside the European Union. What happens for missions taking place inside the EU or in Switzerland.”

Answer: We operate mainly in developing countries. The only European country in which we operate is the United Kingdom.

To know the social protection system of EU countries, Link to ‘Link


Question: “Your communication seems to be directed towards companies. Do you also work with consultants who find their missions themselves and wishes to have an employment contract with you?”

Answer: Yes of course, we are also ‘’hosting’’ employment contracts for the ones who has found themselves their project.

Working in France with a British contract?

Question: “I would like to continue to manage my small company in France while being an employee of your British structure. So I will benefit from the British social security contributions. I would add that it will be very easy for me to become a British resident.”

Answer: Your request is illegal. Remember that in France, as in all European countries, it is the territoriality law that applies. In other words, as you work in France, all your social security contributions are payable in France – even if you become a British resident !!! This will apply to you as well as to the Polish plumber who comes to work in France, Belgium, Germany or elsewhere in Europe

What about your pricing ?

Question: “You mention that despite your commercial margin, your customers and your litters make considerable savings. How can we verify this without having your pricing ?”

Answer: It is very simple. Let us know your case. We may ask you a few questions. And then we will send you one or more salary simulations corresponding to your case. Remember that each case is different. It is not enough to take a salary and multiply it by a rate. You also need to know your category in terms of insurance. Our administrative costs are a “declining” percentage of the amount to be invoiced.