EXPATRIUM International Ltd was formed to meet the needs of the Human Resources / International Mobility’s managers who, as a function of current market trends, are seeking « Expatriate Outsourcing Solutions », which are less expensive, more flexible, and also provide better employee cover.

You have found the right person and you wish to recruit him/her for an expatriate mission?

We propose to recruit him/her on your behalf, through EXPATRIUM in the U.K. and to « support » him/her on your site abroad.

Thus, the employee and yourself will legally have the benefit of EXPATRIUM’s British Employment Structure, which is more flexible and less expensive.

Thanks to EXPATRIUM, this formula, which has been used for more than 25 years by some major German and French groups, is now available to companies of all sizes.

In addition, the EXPATRIUM’s expertises in

  • International Mobility” consulting
  • The multi-sector skills of the EXPATRIUM team

Enable him to study each element of the employment conditions between the Client and the Client’s expatriates, and then to propose a solution which will satisfy them both (appropriate British employment contract, best insurance cover, etc.) and EXPATRIUM accepts expatriates of any nationality and can work anywhere in the world.

This Outsourcing service of International Mobilité to over more than 140 countries allows you to get :

  • Expatriate employment at lower cost
  • European legal framework
  • Flexible employment contracts
  • Optimisation of expatriate administration
  • Safe working conditions – appropriate Insurance cover

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Step 1:

The European Client selects a candidate for a particular mission and, together, they negotiate the employment conditions (remuneration, etc.).

Step 2:

EXPATRIUM validates these conditions as a function of British Employment Regulations (for example, the minimum number of days holiday per year).

Step 3:

EXPATRIUM signs a working contract with the candidate who becomes his employee.

Step 4:

EXPATRIUM International Ltd seconds this “employee” to the Client’s site. The “secondment contract” signed with the Client and the “job contract” signed with the employee will contain the same conditions (for example, if the termination notice is 4 months in the “job contract”, the termination notice in the “secondment contract” will also be 4 months, or if the “job contract” is signed for a period of 2 years, then the “secondment contract” will also be signed for 2 years).

  •  The first advantage of this formula is that no NIC is payable in the U.K. for “non-British” residents working outside the U.K, neither for employer nor for employee.
  • The second advantage is the various types of insurance cover available that are both comprehensive and appropriate to each category of expatriate.As no NIC is payable, EXPATRIUM contracts private insurance cover (see below) for its employees. Thus, the secondment proceeds in a “safe” medical context.
  •  The third advantage is the flexibility of British Employment Regulations (compared with certain other European countries) for both the employer and the employee.
  • The fourth advantage is the European legal context, within which this system operates and, as everyone knows, the U.K. is part of the Europe, even after the BREXIT.

Depending on their age, their nationality and the duration of the secondment, EXPATRIUM’s expatriate employees may fall into several categories, and each category may be covered by various types of insurance policy (AGF, AXA Group, Ace Europe, GAN, etc.). For example, a European seconded by EXPATRIUM outside his home country, for a period of 1 year, will have the following cover:

  • Medical expenses  paid entirely
  • Evacuation – Repatriation (including the war coverage)
  •  Death – temporary & permanent disability – either total or partial, whether caused or accidental
  • Sick Leave
  • Personal third party cover for the employee

To better understand the advantages of EXPATRIUM, let’s first study the other possibilities that exist. There are two other possibilities available: “Offshore contracting companies” and “Traditional expatriate outsourcing companies”.

Competitor 1 – Offshore contracting companies

These companies offer 3 types of service:

  • Global turnkey contracting, with a margin between 40% & 60% of the final price
  • Recruiting and secondment for technical assistance, with a margin between 24% & 30% of the final price
  • Expatriate outsourcing – the same activity as EXPATRIUM International Ltd, with a margin between 15% & 18% of the final price

Their strong point is that they recruit their employee directly. Like EXPATRIUM, they MUST ensure that their expatriates have full insurance cover.

Their main weak point is their pricing. The first two activities mentioned above need equipment and a recruiting service, which increases the overall cost of their operation. Thus, their margin on the third activity mentioned remains mathematically much higher than EXPATRIUM’s margin.

Furthermore, they avoid having too much “Expatriate Outsourcing” business, which decreases their overall margin.

NOTE: This system has been pioneered by a few French and German groups. For more than 25 years, they have been forming offshore companies, for their expatriate operations, to reduce their expatriate salary costs. Some of these groups have sold off their “offshore” companies, due to the problems inherent in the offshore formula: public image, ethical problems and even, in some cases, legal problems, etc.

Competitor 2 – Traditional expatriate outsourcing companies

Most of these are either British or Luxembourg-based.

Their main strong point is the decreasing charge rate applied with volume. The greater the invoice amount, the lower the rate charged.

Their main weak point is that they use “service contracts”, i.e. the expert (or the person selected by the client) is transferred to an “offshore territory”, as free-lance, through an “umbrella company”. The person then signs a “service contract” with the “Traditional expatriate outsourcing company”, which seconds him/her to the client’s site. This manoeuvre relieves the “Traditional expatriate outsourcing company” from all the liabilities of the employer. For example, the insurance cover provided is insufficient, as insurance cover becomes the liability of the free-lance worker, who usually prefers to save the insurance premiums, and is completely unaware of the importance of insurance (some even think that their gold credit card insurance provides sufficient cover !)

Their second weak point is their charge rate which, while it may be lower than that of the “Offshore contracting companies”, remains significantly higher than the EXPATRIUM’s rate. This difference is due to the additional margin of the second company, the “umbrella company”.

Their third weak point is their total ignorance of “International Mobility”, unlike EXPATRIUM. Their offer therefore lacks the “International Mobility” consulting element.

EXPATRIUM’s solutions combine the strong points and advantages of the companies described above, but without their weak points. EXPATRIUM provides a full range of insurance cover for its expatriates, AND also applies charge rates that decrease with volume.

In addition, the EXPATRIUM offer is supplemented by:

  • International Mobility consulting
  • HR consulting
  • International Remuneration consulting


  • Works with an international network of experts in “International Mobility”
  • Accepts expatriates of any nationality

This structure enables EXPATRIUM to study each element of the employment conditions between the Client and the Client’s expatriates, and then to propose a solution which will satisfy them both (appropriate British employment contract, best insurance cover, etc.).